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AAL (ATM Adaption Layer) - an explanation

Standards layer that allows multiple applications to have data converted to and from ATM cell. Protocol used to translate higher layer services into size and format of ATM cell.AAL5 adapts multi-cell higher layer PDUs into ATM with minimal error checking and no error detection.

AAL5 is the adaptation layer for UNI signaling, ILMI, PNNI signaling, and for IP PDUs. It is the most widely used AAL type to date. AAL5 requires two distinct processes. The first is the encapsulation, on the transmit side, and de-encapsulation, on the receive side, of the higher layer PDU into the AAL5 CPCS PDU which requires the computation of the length and the CRC-32. The time required for this process depends on whether the CRC-32 computation is done on the interface (on-board) or in machine central memory (in core). On-board computation should produce only a small, constant delay; however, in core computation will produce variable delay, which will negatively effect TCP RTT computations. The second process is segmentation and re-assembly (SAR).