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Network Basics
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Broadcast - an explanation

Data transmission to all addresses or functions.Network interface cards are usually programmed to listen for three types of messages. They are messages sent to their specific address, messages broadcast to all NICs, and messages that qualify as a multicast for the specific card. There are three types of addressing:
  • Unicast - A transmission to a single interface card.
  • Multicast - A transmission to a group of interface cards on the network.
  • Broadcast - A transmission to all interface cards on the network. RFC 919 and 922 describe IP broadcast datagrams.
  • Limited Broadcast - Sent to all NICs on the some network segment as the source NIC. It is represented with the TCP/IP address. This broadcast is not forwarded by routers so will only appear on one network segment.
  • Direct broadcast - Sent to all hosts on a network. Routers may be configured to forward directed broadcasts on large networks. For network, the broadcast is
The types of broadcasting uses on TCP/IP:
  • ARP on IP
  • DHCP on IP
  • Routing table updates. Broadcasts sent by routers with routing table updates to other routers.
The ethernet broadcast address in hexadecimal is FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF. There are several types of IP broadcasting:
  • The IP limited broadcast address is This broadcast is not forwarded by a router.
  • A broadcast directed to a network has a form of x.255.255.255 where x is the address of a Class A network. This broadcast may be forwarded depending on the router program.
  • A broadcast sent to all subnetworks. If the broadcast is on network and the network is subnetted with multiple networks 10.1.x.0, then the broadcast is a broadcast to all subnetworks.
  • A broadcast sent to a subnet in the form is a subnet broadcast if the subnet mask is