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Network Basics
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SNA (System Network Architecture) - an explanation

System Network Architecture (SNA) by IBM is a suite of protocols mainly used with IBM mainframe and AS/400 computers.Two SNA protocols are:
  • APPC - Advanced Peer-to-Peer Communications provides peer to peer services at the transport and session layer.
  • APPN - Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking supports the computer connections at the network and transport layers.
Microsoft produced the SNA Server so PC networks could connect with SNA networks.

SNA has its own network model which is:
  • Physical
  • Data link - Uses protocols such as token-ring or Synchronous Data Link Control (SDLC).
  • Path Control - Performs routing, division, and re-assembly of data packets.
  • Transmission - Connection software
  • Data flow - Prevents data overflows by monitoring and handling traffic
  • Presentation - Handles interfaces to applications
  • Transaction - Provides an interface for applications to use network services