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SNMP SDK by SnmpTools.net

Since its creation in 1988 as a short-term solution to manage elements in the growing Internet and other attached networks, SNMP has achieved widespread acceptance. SNMP was derived from its predecessor SGMP (Simple Gateway Management Protocol) and was intended to be replaced by a solution based on the CMIS/CMIP (Common Management Information Service/Protocol) architecture. This long-term solution, however, never received the widespread acceptance of SNMP.

SNMP uses five basic messages (GET, GET-NEXT, GET-RESPONSE, SET, and TRAP) to communicate between the manager and the agent. The GET and GET-NEXT messages allow the manager to request information for a specific variable. The agent, upon receiving a GET or GET-NEXT message, will issue a GET-RESPONSE message to the manager with either the information requested or an error indication as to why the request cannot be processed. A SET message allows the manager to request a change be made to the value of a specific variable in the case of an alarm remote that will operate a relay. The agent will then respond with a GET-RESPONSE message indicating the change has been made or an error indication as to why the change cannot be made. The TRAP message allows the agent to spontaneously inform the manager of an important event.

The SNMP SDK is an OLE/COM (ActiveX) component, to help system administrators to write SNMP aware scripts and utilities. It also helps programmers to embed SNMP functionality into their software.

SNMP SDK features the following:
  • SNMP v1 and SNMP v2c support;
  • SNMP Get, SNMP GetNext, SNMP Set
  • Send SNMP traps
  • Receive SNMP traps
  • Thrad-safe
  • Samples included for: Visual Basic, Visual C/C++, VB .NET, VC# .NET, ASP, Asp .NET, Java, Javascript, PHP and HTML;