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Miscellaneous SNMP Software

AdventNet SNMP Agent Toolkit Java Edition

Description: AdventNet SNMP Agent Toolkit Java Edition unleashes the power of network management through industry-acclaimed standard management technologies like SNMP, JMX, and TL1. Based on the technology needs, SNMP Agent Toolkit enables rapid building and prototyping of SNMP agents, Multi-protocol agents, and TL1 agents.

The SNMP Agent Toolkit delivers a Java framework that provides standard-compliant management of devices and applications. The product caters to the needs of developers by offering a broad range of comprehensive development tools, framework, and APIs to be used across many operating systems. Armed with these features, you just require to instrument the agent framework that renders effective management to large, complex applications and systems of the network.

Company: AdventNet, Inc.
Website: www.adventnet.com

DMH Advanced Snmp-Agent

Description: DMH Advanced Snmp Agent is highly portable and designed to be integrated in any given system. It is used in host systems such as w32/w16 MS Windows platforms, Unix platforms, Linux, DOS etc. It is designed to be used in real-time embedded systems such as switches, routers, bridges, printers. UPS, Modems, Cable Modem (snmpv3 DOCSIS), DSL Modems, etc. The snmp-agent is used in small 16/8bit CPU systems as well as high capacity switching systems using 64bit CPUs. Three type of SNMP Agents are offered: SNMPv1 Agent, SNMPv2c Agent and SNMPv3 Agent. The MIB API for all agents is identical. The migration path between snmp versions is smooth. If you decide to upgrade your snmp-agent - all your MIB support will continue to work.

Company: DMH Software
Website: www.dmhsoftware.com

MG-SOFT SNMP Master Agent

Description: MG-SOFT SNMP Agent is a transparent replacement for the SNMP service running on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 operating systems. Transparent means that no changes whatsoever are required in the existing subagents and in the master agent configuration. To deploy the MG-SOFT SNMP Master Agent, you only need to shutdown Microsoft's SNMP Master Agent (service) and start MG-SOFT's SNMP Master Agent. While starting, MG-SOFT SNMP Master Agent reads Microsoft agent's configuration parameters from the system registry and loads the listed subagent DLLs.

When running, MG-SOFT's SNMP Master Agent will properly respond also to received SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 requests. By default, the SNMPv3 protocol is configured to run in the noAuth/noPriv mode. However, by adding a few additional registry keys, you can configure it to run in any other SNMPv3 security mode.

Company: MG-SOFT Corporation
Website: www.mg-soft.com

NetDecision SNMP Agent Simulator

Description: The NetDecision SNMP Agent Simulator enables simulation of standalone SNMP agents to test and demonstrate SNMP-based management applications. Its unique ability to create default values from any SMIv1 or SMIv2 compliant MIB or record variables from an existing agent and create variations on this basic simulation enables rapid simulation of SNMP devices. All SNMPv1, SNMPv2, and SNMPv3 operations (Get / Get-Next / Get-Bulk / Set / Traps / Notifications) are supported.

The advanced modeling of SNMP agent behavior and trap generation can be done with ease using Script-based mechanism. The SNMP agent simulator combined with the SNMP Trap Simulator and SNMP Trap Vision provides a complete suite for testing SNMP manager applications.

Company: NetMechanica
Website: www.netmechanica.com