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SNMP Toolkits


ActiveSocket is to build custom network enabled applications or scripts. It runs on the following Windows Operating Systems: Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, NT4, 98 and Windows ME. It has samples included for: Visual Basic .NET, Visual CSharp .NET, ASP .NET (VB,CS), ASP, Visual Basic, Visual Studio/Visual C++, Delphi, PHP, HTML, VBScript. Also compliant with any and any other ActiveX/COM compliant platform.

Supported IP protocols:
  • Telnet - Automate Telnet sessions. Use the Telnet object to logon to a switch or router and make changes to the configuration. Log on to a mail server and list all items. Access a print server through telnet and reboot it. There are many devices and services that can be accessed by this Telnet object;
  • Http/Https - Log on to a web server, get the web pages and analyze the contents. Support for Proxy servers, SSL and password protected web sites;
  • Ftp - Log on to an FTP server, change directory, list files, upload files (ftp/put), download files(ftp/get), create directories, delete directories, rename files, delete files, etc.;
  • ICMP - See if you can reach another computer; Determine how long it takes to bounce a packet off of another site, which tells you its distance in network terms;
  • NTP - Query NTP time servers and retrieve the actual date and time. Calculate offset between servers to see if your LAN time is set properly;
  • SNMP - Query SNMP compliant devices and analyze the result. Set a value on a remote SNMP agent. Send SNMP traps to remote SNMP Managers, and receive incoming SNMP traps. Support for SNMP v1, SNMP v2 and SNMP v3;
  • RSh - Run a Shell Script on a remote UNIX or LINUX computer that runs the RSH (Remote Shell Script) daemon. Read StdErr and StdOut of the remote shell script;
  • Wake-On-LAN (WOL); Wake up machines on your LAN, based on their MAC address;
  • TCP/IP client/server communications - Create your own client/server applications; your server-application listens for an incoming connection on a specific port, while your client application makes a connection to it; Client and server can communication bidirectional, with support for ASCII and binary data, in your LAN or through the internet;

Company: ActiveXperts Software
Website: www.activexperts.com

AdventNet SNMP API

Description: AdventNet SNMP API is a comprehensive development environment that comprises a Java SNMP library/protocol-stack for building SNMP management applications; it supports all the three versions of SNMP SNMP v1/v2c/v3 in a single API. Built using the best software design patterns and optimized performance, it is a powerful suite for secure APIs to build cross-platform, real-time applications for monitoring and tracking the performance of network elements.

Company: AdventNet, Inc.
Website: www.adventnet.com

Cisco Snmp Tool

Description: Cisco Snmp Tool is a Freeware Cisco Configuration Management Application.After version 2.0b, this tool evolved to a network monitoring application. Cisco handling is just a small part of this applicaition. Using this tool you can draw your network with icons and monitor the devices. Latest release includes a Syslog Server and a Debug Console for error management.Program can be used at LAN and WAN networks. But never forget to increase timeout and retry values at WAN networks. Typically 2000 ms Timeout and 2 Retry values are enough for both LAN and WAN applicationsCurrent Features built in TFTP Server. Cisco Configuration Download/Upload. (startup or running) Nat Support. (If you are behind a firewall type NAT address). Easy Network Map interface for visual desing of your network. Realtime Device Up/Down Monitoring. Syslog and Debug Console. Version 2.01 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

Company: Cisco
Website: www.cisco.com

Koshna SNMP Agent Toolkit

Description: The Koshna SNMP Agent Toolkit provides APIs & tools for developing SNMP agents in java. The agent toolkit provides a SNMP stack that supports SNMP v1, v2c & v3 versions. The agent toolkit also provides the agent API providing the SNMP command responders which take care of maintaining the registry of the OIDs and preparing the responses to the SNMP requests.It also includes the trap & inform generators.

The agent toolkit also provides a GUI based stub generator tool that can be used to generate java stub code representing the MIB groups, tables and also java classes representing the enumerated data types defined in the MIB.

The agent toolkit also includes a full featured MIB browser with excellent debug capabilities to dump the sent/received SNMP packets that can be used to test/debug the SNMP agents.

Features: Source Code generator tools increasing productivity, RowStatus based operations defined in RFC 2579 to enable creation of rows in MIB tables remotely, Integrated support for standard MIBs including SNMP V2, Target, Notification, Community, VACM & USM MIBs, Advanced logging capabilities with support for log4j, MIB Browser tool with excellent debug capabilities for testing the developed SNMP agents.

Company: Koshna Software Technologies Pvt Ltd
Website: www.koshna.com

Snmp .Net Component

Description: SnmpSource offers users a comprehensive toolkit for quick development of reliable and scalable SNMP-based management applications. SnmpSource component is a 100% powerful .net library for building cross-platform, real-time applications to monitor the network performance. A Mib XML Viewer is included. Feature are multi SNMP version supports Complete support for SNMPv1 (RFC 1155, RFC 1157) and SNMPv2c (RFC 3416). Simple MIB file to XML convertion and display. Support SMIv1 and SMIv2. Synchronized and Asynchronized Snmp request. Full set of C# and VB.net examples to perform many functionalities such as, SNMP GET, SNMP GETNEXT, SNMP BULK, SNMP WALK, SNMP TRAP, Mib XML Viewer. Comes with 30 day trail period. Can be redistributed royalty-free as part of your application. Easy to use for .net developer.

Company: SnmpSource
Website: www.snmpsource.com